Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The artist is unleashed

Finger painting... a simple idea I got from a friend in the US...
I have been quiet here recently, partly due to limited access to a computer and partly due to demanding schedules... but productive. I am telling people I want to hibernate for the next few weeks. My hubby went on a weekend retreat, then I went on a separate weekend retreat, then we did a labor preparation course this weekend that was 10-7pm Saturday and Sunday. Phew.

The retreats were fabulous and the labor course (with a doula) was life-changing. We learned there were a lot of things we didn't know with Addie's birth, even though we did the best we could. Like the instructor said, your first birth prepares you for your second. So we're thankful for life experience, for being open to change and for finding people to guide us in life. Funny how God always places who you need for your journey in your path.

Meanwhile we are continuing to juggle playgroups, trying in vain to get things done, enjoying family life and... finger painting...!

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