Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Birthday picnic

Today is sweet Addie's second birthday, but we celebrated last Saturday while my mom was still here. We were late to the party we were hosting, and then we started getting rained on and had to move the party home, but it was still fun. Especially for Addie, who was super happy.

I made chocolate chip cookies with m&ms, banana cake with sprinkles and Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Strawberry Nutella cake. As with all of Pioneer Woman's dessert recipes, it turned out amazing. I only used half of the whipped cream and strawberries she called for. It is not an ideal cake to take anywhere, especially to a picnic, because of the whipped cream, but it's delicous.

We were able to do an Easter egg hunt, which I wasn't able to do on Easter day, and that was the highlight of the party for the kids. Addie has to say about her birthday, "Happy birfday choco" and "choco in Easter eggs".

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