Thursday, April 07, 2016

Things do happen

Addie has been having an exciting week with all her playgroups. One playgroup visited a naval museum and had lots of kid-friendly activities about boats. The picture above is of her doing "ceramics" at the library with our homeschooling group. And we played musical chairs at our parish playgroup.

We've also tried to counterbalance these activities and other million projects I get into my head with downtime at home. The first picture is of Sunday reading time with my mom who was visiting. We've also done some cuddling on the couch. Some days I feel really tired and the worst is having to chase Addie around outside, pull her this way and that... and even carry her. She's a terrible walker. She walks a little and then has to inspect a rock or go a different direction or just lay down on the floor and yell "uuuupaaaa", which means pick me up. We're trying to work on this walking deal before baby arrives in June.

I keep on trying to remind myself that God really answers prayers and really has my lifeplan covered. I get really frustrated with our life conditions some days, but when I remember to simply ask God for things, give Him all my worries, even though I sound like a whiner, He really does take care of things. It just takes a year sometimes. Or three. But things happen! It's so hard to remember.

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