Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I love that smile...

As NieNie is always talking about, I too like to build up family traditions that bring us together and make us happy. NieNie does things like watch Disney's Legend of Sleepy Hollow and eat pumpkin soup every October 1st with her husband and kids. Or make special birthday pancakes and party hats every time it's someone's birthday.

We are a very "young" family, but I'm always trying to build up traditions of our own. I haven't been successful with family night yet (there will be future attempts!), but my husband and I look forward to our Saturday date night all week. Lately we've just been renting movies at home, but it's still fun.

Making pancakes Sunday morning has also become routine. Not only do we all love eating them, and it's something warm and comforting, but that also means we don't have to buy bread at the bakery on Sundays (and give other people work when it should be their day of rest, too). Last Sunday we started our Sunday "hikes" up again. Even if it's just half an hour, seeing all the green trees and hearing the birds chirp is really, really good for the soul. Having these little moments of pleasure and fun, especially together, helps to endure the harder things we're called to do, and not feel drowned out by all the human misery we are called to shoulder.

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