Monday, May 23, 2016

That's why we seek love

This is Pioneer Woman's peanut butter cake. It's delicious. I've made it before, but this time it turned out better because I halved the recipe. I just realized that all my cake recipes need to be halved if I want to make them in round cake pans. That way, they don't take as long to bake (just the suggested time on the recipe) and the frosting/cake ratio is better. If making the full amounts in the recipe, then it needs to be in a rectangular cake pan, like Pioneer Woman always suggests.

I made this cake because we finally invited our parish priest over for lunch. I've been meaning to do so ever since we moved here. He is really young and pretty new at this parish priest business, but he does such a good job. Having him over made us realize how hard a parish priest's life is, at least in Portugal. If single people and families have a hard time socializing and building community because of the way society is set up nowadays, diocesan priests even more. Parishioners are very elderly, people don't look for community in their parishes and with their priest, and most people that are practicing Catholics find their community in movements. So running a parish can be lonely and hard. But it's amazing to see people like our priest, who do their daily work very, very well and with little or no recognition.

The Sunday, Sunday, Sunday podcast we listen to every week was especially touching yesterday:

"Why do we love? Because we come from love. Because God, who is love, loves us and that's why we have the desire to love, that's why we search for love, that's why we seek love, that's why if you're not in love you want to be in love. And if you were once in love and you had someone break your heart and you're out of love, now you're a country music artist and that's just how it works."

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