Thursday, May 19, 2016

Selfies and having babies

Even though I tell her not to play with my camera, I almost always have some selfies by Addie on my camera. Sometimes I'm in another room and I hear her say "miii" (smile) or "sohiii" (sorri) and I evaluate if I need the time to finish something I'm doing (she could take selfies for hours...) or if I should just go and take it away.

I feel like I'm living at the high point of my life right now. It's kind of a lot of pressure. Everyone says they miss when their kids were babies, even though it was hard work. Looking back, I realize how much I dreamt about and acted out having babies when I was little. And even in my early twenties, how much I was fascinated by young families and especially young mothers. Maybe life will get better as it progresses, as Jesus promises with the new wine in the Cana wedding, but so far this is my favorite phase.

“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.”
― Emily Dickinson

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