Friday, May 13, 2016

Nesting, first installment

We have a month and a half to go before baby two is due and the nesting craziness has begun. This is an idea I got from Pinterest... of course... to get the diapers of the bed/floor and out of the plastic bag they come in. It was really easy: I glued a pretty fabric on a sturdy shoe box and made a hole on the back, in the middle and near the top. Then I hung it on the wall with an adhesive plastic hook.

I am happy with the (soon-to-be-two) kids' room, but there are still several more things I want to make and do. I am also super happy about the Ikea bookshelf we added a couple of months ago, which has lots of room for their growing book collection, a book basket which will hopefully rotate liturgical books in the future, and a frame with several pictures of Addie and people she knows. I like keeping toys in the living room and out of bedrooms, as Auntie Leila suggests in The Little Oratory.

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