Thursday, May 12, 2016

New article and new project

I have an article up at CatholicStand called  "Christian Projects: a Drop in the Ocean of Negativity" here:

In this article I talk about a project I am volunteering for. It's called "Protege o teu coração" (protect your heart) and it's a sexual education program for grades 5-12. I am doing the training this month to be able to go to schools next school year. I do not have loads of time on my hands, and hate having to leave Addie with my in-laws for extended periods of time, but I decided to take on this project for several reasons. Most of them were practical, and I felt God was clearly calling me to this, and some of them are because it's a good project and has good people working for it. I talk about what I consider characteristics of a good project in the article.

This program is basically Theology of the Body without talking about God and if you are a parent or teacher here in Portugal you can request it at your school. Or even parish or youth group. I've added a link to my side bar. <--

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