Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nesting, third and final installment

I finally got around to putting up fabric letters for Davy and painting a "parenting message" for him, just like I did for Addie here. His fabric circles ended up being squares (couldn't find circles) and didn't turn out as great, since the fabric was thinner and you can see the glue and the square underneath on some parts. But that's okay. It's still pretty. And I really like the little canvas with the message "Always be a gentleman". Also inspired by pinterest and stenciled onto the canvas. Whether he turns out to get married, be a priest, be a cowboy, whatever... I'd really like him to be a gentleman. There are fewer "real men" these days I feel.
Here is the finished kids' room from both sides:
Now I just want to organize our office cabinets, but that is non-essential. Baby can come any time he'd like. There is something about taking everything out of a cabinet, throwing things away, and putting the rest back in all organized that is relieving. I am a big Marie Kondo fan, although I know many people are not (including the blog I love!).

"Basically, when you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order, too. As a result, you can see quite clearly what you need in life and what you don't, and what you should and shouldn't do.

Marie Kondo is connecting physical ordering of material conditions (tidying) with a spiritual ordering (seeing what you truly need and what you truly ought to do)."

- The Wisdom of Tidying Up: Marie Kondo & St. Thomas Aquinas on Order

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