Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I recently realized that I don't have any belly pictures of myself. And it's really, really big. I tried to remedy that last Sunday, but the picture turned out too bad to post. I'll have to try again. Meanwhile, here is a better picture of my two loves, looking super, super cute as usual. There is nothing like a playful dad. I've been getting so tired and irritated with this toddler's constant high level of energy, especially now at the very end of pregnancy, but her dad has enough energy to keep up and even outrun her. It never ceases to amaze me how he can always find the patience to wrestle, crawl around and act like a lion, sing silly made-up songs, climb trees, jump waves at the beach. We have very different parenting styles (I just want her in bed on time...) and she is very lucky to have her adventurous dad.

I am 39 weeks and have never felt so impatient. I remember this horrible feeling of wanting to get it over with our first time around, but I'm sure this time it's more intense. I have absolutely no desire to do anything else but have this baby. Not even chocolate cookies raise my entusiasm level for life. Every day is teeeeedious. Every mess Addie makes drives me up the wall. It's the whole God's time v. our time issue... yada yada yada... but it's driving me crazy. Hopefully, baby will feel like joining us out here sometime soon. :)

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