Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Babies and humility

I had initially written a post entitled "10 things I'm learning about baby sleep" and scheduled it to post tomorow. However, I had a really nice lady with eight kids come visit today and the whole day I kept thinking to myself, I need to delete that post! It was smug. And I really shouldn't be giving advice to anyone. Especially unsolicited advice. Especially about babies' sleep.

This lady has eight kids and her mom had nine. She gave me a piece of advice passed on by her mom. It shook me up and I got all depressed because I felt like I was doing it all wrong. But then throughout the day I tried it and felt some hope that it would work.

What a treasure of information there is in large families. What a pity there are millions of couples out there without children "but they have a dog" as my neighbor says. And a pity the majority of people are parenting one kid and are overwhelmed by that and don't give or get advice from anyone because everyone else is parenting one kid or none. Books are not the same as real life relationships. Neither are blogs.

Anyway, maybe in a few months when my baby is sleeping better I will feel all smug again and write about how to get your baby to sleep. But until then I'm feeling pretty humbled, pretty vulnerable and like I'm hanging on by a string. And pretty thankful for all the help and real-life advice God sends my way.

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