Friday, October 07, 2016

Article up

An article at Catholic Stand:

The Nature of Woman is Gestational

My biggest fan (my husband) thought it was my best yet! But the comments are already starting out pretty negative..!


  1. Julie, your article is beautiful and truly great. I think the problem that is arising with it, when people read it, is that you are talking about one way of being a mother and we kind of feel you are assuming it as the best way of being a mother. It is a natural thing to do, as we all tend to think our way is the only way. I tend to do the same! The truth is, there are as many ways of being a mother as there are ways of being a nun, for example. And a contemplative nun is not more or less important than a Missionary of Charity, or a franciscan. I remember reading in Saint Faustina's Diary that she wanted to move to a more contemplative order, and Jesus told her He would be very sad if she did. He wanted her there, in that more active order. So it is with us, mothers. You are living a very contemplative vocation, and a very important one; but so are we, working mothers, committed in our parishes with our babies hanging from our slings. I've always sang at mass and taught Catechism with a baby in a sling... And I had seven! Saint Gianna Beretta Molla was a doctor till the end, and worked in her parish too. So we can be living different vocations within motherhYood. Which one is the best? The one that God chose for us... Let's pray that all mothers discover the beauty of their vocation! Best regards, Teresa Power

  2. Thank you Teresa! That is a very interesting take on it.. I never thought of contemplative and active within motherhood, but that's great. Yes, the Church definitely says that working mothers v. stay-at-home mothers is the woman's preference and both are equally valid and holy! St. Gianna is a great exemple.