Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's all about motivation

This is our baby shark. Six teeth before he turned six months!
(PS Have you seen the baby shark video from super simple songs I linked to? I ❤ super simple songs)
Oh yes, and that is his hoodlum sister behind there.
Armed with bubbles. Watch out.

We had a particularly rough night the other night. I had just sent my mom a text message saying I was feeling better and the baby was sleeping much better and I was in bed by nine thirty. When the insomniac baby woke up at ten thirty and after several struggles and attempts (which included him peeing in my bed! Don't ask...) he only went back to sleep at two thirty. When I finally went back to bed I had a terrible coughing attack that wouldn't subside even when I tried cleaning my nose out with this salt water thingy twice... Long story short, I only went to sleep at about four in the morning. And the baby woke up before seven.

Yes, this is a long sob story just to get to the point that I realized I am living the hard life. Ok, so refugees and prisoners of war and other such people have it harder. A lot harder. Ok, so I eat excessive amounts of chocolate to cope. But it's still really hard work to have kids.

But that's attractive. I like reading blogs/books/etc about people who lead hard lives. I used to be obssessed with a friend from high school's blog about her raw, vegan diet and mad running skills. It was somehow inspirational to see pictures of her pink running shoes on a hiking trail and hear about how sore she was but how much farther she had run that day. I think I like moms' blogs for the same reason. It's crazy hard to have one kid and then another and another. Just like an athlete, you have to be super motivated and focused on the long-term. Otherwise you think, screw this having kids thing, I just want to sleep!

But it's this beautiful, messy, time-consuming, energy-sucking piece of artwork you are painting. I just pray it turns out.

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