Sunday, March 05, 2017

Springtime is in the air

Happy Lent / almost spring! Did you know that the word Lent means spring?

I can never decide whether I like winter or spring better. I guess I love all seasons and especially changing from one to another. By the time winter rolls around, I can't wait to be cozy, for candles, for Christmas. But sometime after the New Year, I am tired of Christmas decorations, want the house to be bare and clean and start looking forward to warmer weather. Each year I appreciate Lent/Easter more and more.

This year I was super organized and had my Stations of the Cross, grapevine wreath and purple candles ready to go. I actually almost forgot about them. I need to spring clean and use what I have. One of my favorite pieces of advice from Auntie Leila's Blog of Wisdom is if you are unhappy with the way your house looks or feel like buying stuff, just clean what you have and you'll like it more. That's what I like about Marie Kondo's book and the idea of minimalism, too. I have so many things I buy and never use or use very little. If I spent more time actually cleaning and finding what I have, I'm sure I'd have less of an urge to buy things. There has been a lot of impulse buying on amazon lately (gulp).

Anyway, it's a plan. Let's see if it materializes.

Btw, I've subscribed to Bishop Barron's Lent Reflections. I'm also completely obssessed with his podcast. I listen on my headphones when I get a chance.

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