Monday, March 06, 2017

Time management

Springtime is really in the air if my orchids are blooming. They usually bloom twice a year but they skipped their last bloom. I thought they were going to die because they were all shrivelled up and yellow. I forgot to water them after Davy was born. Just kept on forgetting. Luckily, they have a few lives like cats and they've come back to grace us with their blooms.

My life got exponentially harder after Davy's birth. Exponentially better too. But harder. I've really like listening to some of January Donovan's videos about motherhood training. A friend from the States goes to her parish. (wow.). I have been feeling totally out of control with time management and really overwhelmed. With the videos I watched, I felt comforted that I'm doing some things right like writing everything down in my planner, caring for myself and having priorities. But I can do a lot of things better. Like say no more (boundaries). Not do things that aren't written down on my planner. For exemple, today I have to mop. I was just about to organize my closet when I stopped myself and realized I hadn't planned to do that. I like how January says you don't have a lack of time but a lack of time management skills.

Good resource. And good to get help in this challenging but incredibly rewarding adventure of motherhood.

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