Friday, April 14, 2017

Mini house tour

I moved Davy into Addie's room. One of my favorite things on blogs is seeing pictures of people's houses so I'll share every minute detail of their room with you. You're welcome. ;) The last picture is of their little mini prayer corner in which the intention was to say good morning and good night to Jesus, but it's not going so well. One day.
I had planned on just moving Davy when he was sleeping through the night or one year old, but my husband finally convinced me. I thought of his 90-year-old grandpa who says he has trouble sleeping at night because he's alone. He used to sleep with his brother as a child/teen and then with his wife. So I thought I'd ask Addie and leave it up to her. "Adelaide, can Davy sleep in your room?" I got not only a yes, but the most enthusiastic yes, yes, yes I've ever seen. I would say it hasn't affected his sleep for better or for worse, but WHOA BUDDY did it affect Addie. She had a hard time going to sleep a few nights and naps. But now we're getting back to normal.

And because this is a house tour, here is another section of the house I'm very happy with. Addie's godmother and some friends gave her a big binder to put her drawings in, with markers, crayons and colored pencils to go along with it. It was such a thoughtful gift.

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