Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Our baby girl is three and we had a fabulous party to celebrate it with. It was kind of like a college party with lots of people crammed into a little apartment. We were just missing a keg. ;)

I wish I had taken a picture of the table. There are just things you forget. I do have a picture of the simple decorations, which I think turned out great. See first picture of number three with balloons and hanging balloons. I also love the second picture of her dancing during musical numbers. We played pass the parcel, duck duck goose and musical numbers. Good party games.  

I made brie bites with filo dough, brie cheese, walnuts and honey, this easy feta dip, this chocolate dipping sauce for bananas and strawberries, this mud pie, and a blueberry cake and a carrot cake from my two favorite cookbooks.

Of course, it was soooo much easier with my mom being here, from the chopping of things to the clean up.

I love hosting parties (even though I get really stressed out before and yell at everyone...) and love being invited to parties. Hooray for summer almost being here and more parties!

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