Friday, October 20, 2017

10 online resources

This is not a sponsored post in any way, but I would like to share with you some online resources that have been essential to my life. I prefer physical, paper books and live, flesh and blood, person-to-person advice, but in lieu of that here are some things online I find useful. It's also the age we live in I guess, where there is so much online stuff available.

This was the first blog I ever found (while watching Oprah!) and I am still inspired by it years later. It is a mormon mommy blog and when I first found it, I read it from the very beginning so I can say I've seen every post. I love Stephanie Nielson's love of the details of homelife, family traditions and celebrations of everything. I love her tight-knit community and extended family.

I found Auntie Leila's blog through her wonderful book, The Little Oratory, and it has been invaluable. I like her pracical suggestions and use her meal-planning techniques here

I am very inspired by Jessica's baking and liturgical living ideas. I am also inspired by her clean, spacious-looking house and her family prayer life. I love her book lists and recommendations.

Ever since I discovered abebooks will group shipping costs and amazon will not, I rarely use another site for ordering books.

Cassie Ho has free videos on this site and on youtube, but I especially love the app. It's a dollar something a month. They group four or five videos on each day by category (arms, legs, cardio, etc.) that are easy to click on. I was able to do this while pregnant with Davy because I could pick just arms, or just legs, and skip anything that involved tummy. You need ZERO equipment and they are so effective. (This pregnancy I'm just too... busy? :/)

I used this site when teaching English to kids, but now it is so useful for my kiddos. I personally love every song they make and look forward to watching new ones that come out.

All cakes by Pioneer Woman. Occasionally other things too.

Some recipes from Real Simple are wonderful and really simple, as the name implies. I especially like mud pie and Mexican chocolate cake.

I have listened to at least half of Bishop Barron's podcasts, starting from episode one, and I will be at a loss when I get through all of them and have to wait for one a week. My house has benefited because I look forward to cleaning bathrooms or washing dishes while they're sleeping if I can listen to podcast, whereas before I hated doing anything other than go online during their precious nap time.

I have yet to dedicate time to budgeting, but I found this site through a blog and I like their tips and basic concept. I hope it will help us with prospective budgeting... something we really need help with. 

What are your favorite online resources? Please share! 

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