Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Enjoying a corndog (pretty much his favorite food) made on the open fire, courtesy of our lovely neighbor. 

His little smile kills me. Anything he does kills me, I'm like putty in his hands. Even when he screams for food, throws himself on the floor crying when I won't let him open the freezer, wakes up at four in the morning and takes two hours to get back to sleep. It's those chubby cheeks and puppy dog eyes. Absolutely kill me. 

We've been crazy busy lately. It's hard to find balance between housework and activities, your own projects/formation and feeling like you're ignoring your kids, being productive and resting, being social and being responsible. Basically, I keep on seeing that any time I decide to do something good, millions of obstacles and difficulties pop up when I actually try to do it. Perseverance, wow it's hard. But it's worth it in the end. 

I've been listening to a new podcast called the Patrick Coffin Show, other than Bishop Barron's of course. It's so... smart... something hard to say about podcasts. And I learn so much. I've been baking bread at least once a week, which always turns out different, but edible. All four of us think it's worth it. I'm using a recipe from my new cookbook Mennonite Country Style,  which I was inspired to buy after reading this post. And of course the countdown to baby number three, expected in January, is getting closer and closer. And he still remains nameless, and the to-do list before he gets here is still untouched.  

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