Friday, November 24, 2017


Our Lady amidst the mess (complete with pen graffiti on the wall). One of those rare moments of beauty when they read together!  

I've been listening to some great podcasts by Patrick Coffin and one of them was with Anthony Esolen. Another one was this one about parenting experts. I wrote down this quote from the Anthony Esolen interview at about 37:20 minutes: 

"It might be healthy for our young people, all of them, to regularly do difficult, physical work with the parent of the same sex. It's good for us all."

I almost always feel like I am preparing for something in the future. Starting some project and finishing it three years later, imagining some project that will take three years but preparing for it now, etc. I dream of the kids doing chores and knowing how to work as well as play, but that is definitely a distant, far-off dream. That I am starting to work toward now. Building a family culture, one tiny step at a time. 

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