Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wild and free... and kind and responsive

I've been reading the blog recently and her posts about nature walks (and all posts in general! and her house!) have been making me feel pretty terrible. So we went on an impromptu, quick (hour-long) hike last week. And even though it was short, and even though it was just us, it was worth it.

I also subscribe to her Charlotte Mason-classical education mixed philosophy and would love my kids to be more "fed" in terms of brain and to be outdoors a lot more. I feel incredible mommy guilt most of the time and try to NOT PAY ATTENTION TO IT and take it to prayer and all that, but I especially feel mommy guilt when I think about the amount of time they spend cooped up in an apartment, are bored while I cook or clean, have to tag along for grocery store or other errands, or even worse (gasp!) have to stay with babysitters while I take care of my spiritual life or other such important things. 

But then there are those small moments that are so incredibly beautiful and that I know are only possible with the long moments of boredom, hard work or prioritizing. Because life can't be fun 24 hours a day, or happy 24 hours a day, or entertaining 24 hours a day. It's an uphill battle with great views. And having my kids at home fits in with what I want for them: to have a strong bond and be responsive to us parents, to learn virtues like kindness in the family environment, to not be spoiled, to work at home, to do wholesome recreational activities (like reading a book, playing a game, playing an instrument) at home. And most importantly love. They have a mother and father who really, really love them and that is the most important. 

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