Monday, January 08, 2018

Carry out your duty lovingly and joyfully

"I, too, wish to say this to you all: in your daily difficulties, in moments of trials and discouragement, when it seems that every commitment is almost emptied of interest and value, remember that God knows our troubles! God loves you, one by one, he is close to you, he understands you! Trust in him and in this certainty find the courage and the joy to carry out your duty lovingly and joyfully." 
- Address of His Holiness John Paul II to the Congregation of St. Joseph, n. 1

40 weeks and 4 days today and loooooooosing my mind. This is us at a waffle place nearby, which we went to two days in the row because I was trying to smother my depression with waffles. The third day we had chocolate croissants at a different place instead because I was too embarrassed to show up three days in a row. And now I can barely get the motivation to go anywhere. Everything seems tedious. Everything seems unbearable. The fear and waiting before childbirth seems aaaaalmost worse than the pain of childbirth itself. But my challenge is to do these everyday things, that are so incredibly difficult (yes, eating waffles can be difficult!), with love and joy, like our friend JPII says above. 

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