Friday, May 11, 2018


We were able to get to the Algarve a couple weeks ago... to our very favorite hotel (Inatel), where we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at their yummy buffet. We saw a house next to the hotel and asked one another, would you want to live here? Right across from the beach. But we'd have to eat at the hotel... and use their pool... better ask them if they have a room to sell instead! 

That first picture is before leaving. We were planning on leaving at eight in the morning and actually left at one. Life. We had three days of great weather (see kiddie pool!) and some friends who went to be with us too, which was super fun. Then we had two days of rain, but we still got to walk on the beach. I didn't take many pictures between the juggling act of three kiddos, but it actually went well. I think they behave better on trips than at home. They sleep better too (see other pic!). 

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