Friday, June 15, 2018

Habits and meals

In the middle of serious post-partum blues, when nothing seemed to give me rest or joy, I instituted a new family ritual: a pre-dinner dance party. At first it was a little forced and awkward. It didn't give me joy and I was still sad. But now, it has taken shape and we are able to occasionally have fun together all goofing off to a song or two. 

I have been obsessively going over priorities in my mind since our Tommy was born. What is really worth doing in a day? So many possibilies. So little time. I came to the conclusion: habits and meals. Habits as in the little pieces of work that you put into something everyday that develop into a skill or something you learned. For me, it's piano, reading and knitting I'd like to work on a little each day. Do I? No. But I'd like to.

It's easier to see in kids and it's easier to work on their habits. Helping them eat fruit or brush their teeth everyday. Read stories and see them memorize the stories.

Also, meals. The Eucharist, of course. I loved this Bishop Barron podcast on that. And a meal together as a family each day. Those are things that we also need to do a little of each day. And it builds up to something beautiful we can't always see. 

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