Friday, June 08, 2018

We love you Goo Goo

These are pictures of them holding Tommy at breakfast. They are always asking to hold him. 

Davy calls Tommy "Goo Goo" and we don't know why. Ever since he was born. It's so catchy that we all call him Goo Goo regularly. 

Everyone asks if there is jealousy between them. I honestly can't say there is. There is aggression, territory-defending, toy stealing, etc. A lot of hitting and pushing. But there is an intense sibling love that I was not expecting and that is beautiful. 

When I think about the birth, the post-partum, the nursing, the finances, the incredible amount of time and energy and readjusting a baby requires of all of us... I think no, it's not worth it. No, we can't have any more kids. 

But whenn I think about Goo Goo, it's a completely different picture. He is small and doesn't move much or have much personality yet, but I can't imagine my life or our lives without him. He is so sweet. I love him so much and I can't express why. Maybe it's those tiny hands and feet. That expression of openness in his eyes. His shy smile. All I know is we all love Goo Goo. He's already a part of our family. Addie and Davy came out of their swimming class the other day and ran to hug Goo Goo. They always remember him and include him in conversations and playing. He might not have as much of my undivided attention as a first-born does, but he has triple the love. 

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