Monday, April 29, 2019

Easter decoration

It takes about two years for me to start or to implement any project and Easter decorations have been no exception. About two years ago I came to the conclusion Christmas is overrated. There are way too many expectations… from everyone… and it's too commercial. So I decided (two years ago) that I would try to focus more on Easter season than on Christmas. In the eyes of the Church, it is the most important holiday after all. 

So we have some Easter decorations up. That tomb scene has about six more figurines which are all in line to be glued… remind me to just buy wooden things from now on. I'm slowly… SLOWLY... working toward learning some hymns on the piano. We will hopefully get an egg hunt or two in during these 50 days. I wasn't able to get Easter baskets/gifts or new dresses as our budget didn't permit it. But I did order a couple Easter books in the mail. 

We spent a few days up north for Easter and two different people from the tiny village commented about how they like Easter better than Christmas. I think that goes to show how good their faith formation is. Up north they bake a traditional bread called "folar", eat goat or lamb, have a special mass at their village and then the priest or seminarian visits each house one by one and gives a blessing. This has been going on for years. Plus, it's springtime and very pretty in the mountains. 

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