Friday, April 12, 2019

Birthday party

Adelaide blowing out the candle with her godmother

Adelaide's birthday party, as usual, was filled with my worry and stress about decorations, food and everything being late. And, as usual, it all turned out good (and always different than expected) in the end. A few hours before the party started, I realized that I was so focused on the people that weren't able to come and whether or not the party would be exactly according to a spoiled five-year-old's expectations that I forget the people that were coming and that was already a blessing. 
And… five-year-olds are simpler than I thought. She loved it. Even though it was a lot of work, I love parties at home. Throwing them and being invited to them. 

From some articles online, I got the idea of jello oranges, popcorn with sprinkles, rice krispies with sprinkles and fruit wands. 
From the same site, I got the idea of birthday bingo, limbo, pass the present and the classic duck duck goose. 

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