Friday, May 03, 2019

Still blogging, still dreaming

I have been wasting my time and yours enriching the world with my blog posts for nine years. Wow, that's a long time to keep going at something and still not have fame or money for it. (just kidding… of course...I think...)

I like to reflect on how different my life is now than it was then. At the time, it was a turning point in my life. I had just moved to a little house closer to my job where I didn't take two hours to get to my job and I started dedicating more time to exercise, hosting friends for meals, crafts, reading and general creativity and friendship. I was in the middle of quitting my steady, well-paying 9-5 job to try fundraising my own salary for a ministry. I was dating my current husband and wondering if he would ever propose. 

Now I am pretty much drowning in diapers, meal-planning, dishes and laundry. 

However, I also like to reflect on how shockingly similar I am, my dreams are and my motivation for blogging is, even though my state in life and lifestyle is dramatically different. 

The first blog I read and what got me started was NieNie's because I saw her on Oprah. She's still my favorite blogger ever and she still inspires me for the same reasons: her faith as #1, her strong community of real (not online) people, her family traditions, her crafts and decorations, her meals, her whimsical parties, her naturalness in raising kids. 

I started this blog with a post called simple life and it's still what I want. I still like country music the most. I still like sharing what books I read and seeing others' book recommendations. I still like writing articles and connecting with other like-minded people online. I still like taking pictures of my culinary successes, decorating successes and party/holiday successes. I am still trying to celebrate the liturgical year. I am still trying to value relationships and friendships and meals together over a factory-style work. I still love Theology of the Body and all the people I met through it. 

How about you? How are you the same over the past 9 years?

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