Monday, May 06, 2019

These Happy Golden Years quotes

I love Laura Ingalls Wilder. Have I said that enough on this blog? Every one of her books brings me into touch with LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE. Life at its very essence. And this one is no exception. Here are some of my favorite quotes. 

"While they were tucking in a sheet, Laura said, 'Carrie, do you ever think how lucky we are to have a home like this?'
Carrie looked around her, surprised. There was nothing to be seen but the two beds, the three boxes under the eaves where they kept their things, and the underside of the shingles overhead. There was also the stovepipe that came up through the floor and went out through the roof. 
'It is snug,' Carrie said, while they spread the first quilt and folded and tucked in its corners. 'I guess I never did think, exactly.'
'You just wait til you go away,' Laura said. 'Then you'll think.'" pg 36

"'Well, as he was going on into Fuller's, he just said to me over his shoulder, God hates a coward.'
'So you came because you wouldn't take a dare?' Laura asked. 
'No, it wasn't a dare,' Almanzo said. 'I just figured he was right.'" pg 78

"But best of all were the mornings and he evenings at home. Laura realized that she had never appreciated them until now. There were no sullen silences, no smouldering quarrels, no ugly outbreaks of anger. 
Instead there was work with pleasant talk, there were happy little jokes and evenings of cosy studying and reading,and the music of Pa's fiddle." pg 102

"'Well, I'm not engaged, nor do I want to teach,' said Mary Power. 'How about you, Ida? Are you going to teach for a while?'
Ida laughed, 'No, indeed" I never did want to teach. I'd rather keep house. Why do you suppose I got this ring?'
They all laughed with her, and Minnie asked, 'Well, why did you get yours, Laura? Don't you want to keep house?'
'Oh, yes,' Laura answered. 'But Almanzo has to build it first.' Then the big new bell clanged in the cupola, and recess was over." pg 220

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