Saturday, September 07, 2019

Planning this year's school year

This is the first year I have actually planned our school year. I feel frustrated most of the time because I am always planning and never executing. So I decided, I will plan, print and buy in the summer months and try to make lists of things I want to plan, print and buy for the next summer during the year. So that I can get a rhythm going. Get some habits going. Actually do something. 

I made my own planner for this school year. I devised a new schedule. And pray for me, that by the grace of God, I may actually get something done!

Other than a monthly book basket and coloring pages for saints' feast days I have already printed out, the materials we will be using are above. We will try to sing a song with Tommy (19 months) and read a board book a day. I will possibly try to focus on some vocabulary, like body parts and animals. Pictured above are animal flashcards from super simple learning. 

Other than the SUPER WONDERFUL, SUPER FUN, SUPER COMPLETE preschool curriculum called "A Year of Playing Skillfully", which we will do one or two activities from a day, Davy will do a page a day of a number book (made by yours truly) and then a page a day of an alphabet book (alphabet craft book by fun with mama, from teachers pay teachers). 

Adelaide has a new drawing book, and handwriting and math books from Simply Charlotte Mason. Also, she has a sketch book ("Adelaide's Bible Art Book", pictured) which is an idea I got from Laura Bernquist's book: one day we will read a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. The next day she will narrate it back to me and draw a picture in her sketch book. 

Finally, we have flashcards and a couple of worksheets called "What's inside a church" from teachers pay teachers.  

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