Friday, September 13, 2019

September AYOPS

Some of September's activities so far from "A Year of Playing Skillfully" by the Homegrown Preschooler

These past three weeks have been crummy, this last one in particular, with Tommy constantly sick. He got over his rotavĂ­rus last Thursday only to start with fever and laryngitis on Friday. Davy got laryngitis and tonsillitis. And I am always bragging about how we never get sick…

Of course this ruined my perfectly concocted plans. Basically it was three weeks in which I wanted to meet people and get our activities and the ball rolling. And instead we have been confined to isolation and a miserable baby who lost a lot of weight. So hard to accept when things don't go my way. When life isn't ideal. Still working on it. 

At least the perfectly concocted plans for our preschool (see activities above) have been fun, and that has saved my day. I have a couple more weeks until our baby Rosie arrives and that never gets any less scary. Here's to relaxing and enjoying our last days as a family of five instead of panicking and trying to tick things off my checklist as usual...

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