Monday, February 24, 2020

Good habits everyday

Sometimes I think food is more beautiful before it is cooked, like this chicken and dressing sheet pan supper by Pioneer Woman. 

I've been thinking about what gets me through the day. And if I could pick a family motto right now it would be: good habits everyday. As many good habits as possible a day. Maybe just one. Maybe a few. Building things up slowly with little steps. 

Good habits everyday. 

I listened to this wonderful podcast called "The Intellectual Life". It was amazing. Bishop Barron mentions how it is easy for him to read. It is a good habit that is so engrained in him it is easy and pleasant to do. Then he gives a handy little explanation on virtue and vice: virtue is when a good habit comes easy to you, vice is when a bad habit is the easiest thing for you to slip into. 

So I guess my family motto could also be build up virtue everyday. 

ONLY now... after years of trying... have I been able to commit to a prayer routine everyday. I help Adelaide and Davy practice their violins for 5 min. I practice 5 min of piano. I read a little bit before going to bed. I do a 5 min exercise video or some situps before taking a shower in the morning. I cut some fruit for my kids. I read aloud to them. We recite some poetry on a Sunday. We take a hike or go to forest school. They go to swimming class. I play and sing instead of hit or yell. 

These aren't things I am able to do everyday, but the more I am able to do them regularly the better I feel. It's what the 7 Habits book says is the "personal victory" which makes you feel more confident for relationship with others. It's what gets me through a day or week. 

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