Monday, March 09, 2020

Dependent on kisses

We are at that phase where I can not for the life of me remember that pregnancy and childbirth were painful or scary at all. All I know is that she is beautiful and chubby and soft and smiley and does amazing new clever things every day. 
It is amazing how there can be a creature so small and who is so incredibly dependent on being held, being kissed, being talked to, being played with. Who will laugh with such uninhibited glee when you give her a rasberry. Who wants nothing more than to catch someone's eye and communicate with them somehow. 
More amazing yet is how this is not a different species or sub-species... this is a human baby. She is the same as you and me, only smaller. She doesn't care about power, prestige or pleasure... which is what we adults fill our hungry hearts with. She is so innocent she truly only cares about love and touch. She shows us our humanity. 

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