Saturday, March 14, 2020

Reflections on the coronavirus crisis pt 1: The Machado Family Plan

I have a few thoughts on this whole crisis we are facing. Oh, I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS. I actually have two articles in my head write now that I just have to find the time to write out, and then I will share with you. 

Until then, I would like to share what I am doing about this crisis. In hopes it might help someone out there in the universe relax a little bit. 

I am not a healthcare professional (my husband is though... don't worry, someone is working on that front) so I am not trying to figure out what this virus is or how to cure it. I am not forwarding those millions of messages I am receiving on whatsapp about washing your hands this way or that or taking or not taking painkillers. 

I am not watching the news and took the sound off my whatsapp notifications. 

I am doing the basic of self isolating at home AS A FAMILY (we will live as a family and we will die as a family if needs be) although we will still try to take walks and hikes in more isolated places and go to churches that are still open. 

I am a mom and a wife. What I am doing: protecting my kids from hearing too much about it, from their routines being too affected by it. Being well myself and cheerful so that I can support my husband better (who does work at a hospital). Using this time to grow more inwardly (in prayer, reading, those millions of projects I never have time to do) and together as a family. Like Pa always says in Laura Ingalls Wilder books, we are alive and well and TOGETHER. Nothing else matters. 

I am trying to always say bad things positively to our kids: tomorrow is our Sunday tea. We're really going to invest in it because we have been forgetting to do it lately. Let's bake something nice tomorrow and practice our poems well. (instead of: we can't go anywhere or visit anyone)

Basically, do everything I try to do everyday (stick to a prayer schedule, exercise, read, be cheerful and patient, play and sing with the kids, etc) but usually fail everyday... I'm intensifying that struggle now. Now is the time, my friends, these are important times. 

"Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good." Romans 12:21 

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