Friday, April 24, 2020

Isolation Opportunity for Creating a Richer Family Culture Idea #19: Practice your instrument

I am thankful for the ten years of piano lessons my parents paid for me, but sad I still lack the self-discipline to practice. I've been making resolutions and attempts at practicing more over the past seven or eight years, but only during this isolation have I made *some* progress. 

I bought a new book (the one on left) that arrived today and rediscovered the one on the right. I've had Hanon since my childhood, but only when I watched a tonebase video (don't have money to subscribe but watched a video and was great!) did I see the importance of this book, of practicing scales and practicing in general. 

Here is what it says in the intro of Hanon: 
"The study of piano is now so widespread and good pianists are do numerous that mediocrity on this instrument is no longer acceptable. Consequently, one must study the piano for eight or ten years before performing a piece of any difficulty, even at a gathering of amateurs. Few are in a position to devote so many years to this study. It often happens, that for lack of sufficient practice, the playing is uneven and incorrect. The left hand gives out in passages of slight difficulty. The 4th and 5th fingers are almost useless for lack of special exercises; and when passages in octaves, in tremolo or trills occur, they are usually executed with such great exertion and strain the performance is incorrect and expressionless.
For several years we have worked to overcome this problem. It is our goal to combine in one book, special exercises which make possible a complete study of piano technique in far less time.
... (continues)"

Master list here:

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