Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Thoughts on Motherhood 2: Priorities

This is Rosie waiting for the surprise welcome home "party" we had for Daniel when he got home fr a retreat last weekend.

I have moved mass and going out/to the park with kids to the morning. Because I have to put the most important things that require most energy first. Staying at home for me is relaxing. I guess I'm an introvert. 

I really liked an instastory from Carlin Bates Stewart in which she talks about when she does her "quiet time" (prayer). She points to a pile of messy clothes and says it's about priorities. Knowing that your time with God is more important than that messy pile over there. 

I am constantly imagining meeting God when I die recently. In a good way. It helps put everything else into perspective. How will I look back on this day when I'm in heaven? I will cherish that time when Davy was four and had a baby face and couldn't say his "r's" and said sweet, funny things. I have an obligation to laugh and enjoy everything he says right now. 

Another priority is your spouse. My husband heard at a parenting course for fathers: "The couple comes first, second and third. Then in fourth place come the kids." It is the trunk from which the branches grow. 

I have also found that the three habits I find really important for my life and goals (exercise, reading, piano) have to be put in prime time. In front of the kids. Sometimes before housework. I can't wait until they are in bed to do these important things.

Priorities are hard to set and you have to constantly reprioritize. If it were easy, you would already be there. Everything that is good in life is hard! 

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