Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thoughts on motherhood 3: Projects

(waiting with them during Davy's violin class. Our family band is still a project in the making)

My spiritual director gave me a great exercise to do last summer which was imagine which priorites are the "big rocks" in my life and fit them into the jar of my time first. Then, whatever the "little rocks" are can fit into your day if it works out. If it doesn't, oh well. 

So even though little "projects" or even writing articles are not big rocks in my life, they are what motivate me. I try to get through the big rocks, so I can have ME TIME with the little rocks. 

I think that's okay. What makes life worth living is a feeling of mission or purpose. Not physical pleasures or "well-being". So I'm not so much about getting through the big rocks to have a cup of tea or coffee or take a bubble bath. I'm more about get everyone in bed and the house semi-clean and write an article or this post on this blog right now. 

Auntie Leila writes on her site about order and wonder a lot. For me, I would call it order and projects. We're here on this earth to make life better for others and help each other get to heaven. So when our life is semi-in-order, it's motivating to WORK on projects. 

What motivates you?

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